Custom Racing Stripe Kits: manufactures top quality racing stripe kits to fit most foreign and domestic vehicles. We have put together a number of different kits that can be custom configured for your car or truck uses only Premium Vinyl material with an advertised outdoor life of 7 years.

STEP 1 - Measure Your Vehicle

With a measuring tape, yard stick or other measuring device, measure the total length (in inches) of stripe needed to cover the areas where the stripes will be placed (front bumper, hood, cowl, roof, trunk & rear end). This number should be between 120" and 300" total. Remember to allow an extra 24" for trimming, bumpers, etc.

At the same time, estimate the width of the stripes which you would need. Our kits are available in single stripe or double stripes in 6" to 10" widths. SEE KITS PAGE

STEP 2 - Choose A Color
Using the Premium Color Chart, select a color for your new stripes. Try to choose a color that will contrast well with your vehicle. For instance, black stripes would look great on a bright red car, but would not look great on a dark blue car.

STEP 3 - Choose a kit width & length.
Using the measurements in Step 1, select a corresponding kit from the Racing Stripe Kits Page.

STEP 4 - Finalize The Order
After selecting the stripe kit that fits your vehicle, either go back to the home page and find other vinyl graphic products, or go directly to checkout.

Your new stripe kit will be custom made within 1 business day and shipped to you within 2 business days! It's that easy! And remember, the kit comes complete with premium grade racing stripes, protective application tape covering, full instructions, a complimentary installation tool, and FREE promotional merchandise.

What width and length stripes do you need??
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